Gold Coast General Meeting March 24,2018

General Membership Meeting/Social
Saturday, March 24, 2018
Social 9:30 AM – Meeting 10:00 AM

At 714 w. 6th st.
Home of Victoria and Jeremy Keninger

1) Welcome

2) Secretary

3) Treasurer

a. 2017 End-of-year Report

b. Membership Dues

4) Old Business

a. Recap Planning Meeting

b. Update on Brick Intersection at Western and 5th Streets

5) New Business

a. Amend GC-HHDA By-Laws

b. Project Renewal Donation/Advertisement

c. Budget Proposals

6) Upcoming Dates and Events

a. April 2nd – 13th City-wide free lawn waste pick-up (Contact Terry @ (563)-271-2435 for free yard waste bags)

b. April 7th – Gold Coast Park spring clean-up (9 am – 11 am)

c. April 21st – Project Renewal annual Fit Fest

d. May 12 – Social/General Membership Meeting

e. June (TBA) Annual neighborhood ‘Summer Cookout’

f. August 11th – Social/General Membership Meeting

g. August 20th – Urban Plunge (St. Ambrose freshmen cleanup of Western St. Steps)

h. September 22nd – 23rd Home Tour

i. September 23rd – Annual Seafood/Shrimp Boil, 5pm (following the Home Tour) @   624 w. 6th st. (Home of Jack Haberman & Marion Meginnis)

j. November 10th – Annual Election of Officers/General Meeting

k. December 1st – Annual Gold Coast Holiday Party

7) Other

8) Adjourn