624 W. 6th St., c 1868 The Anna D. (Vollmer) & Henry Lischer House. An outstanding example of Italianate style, designed by Willet L. Carroll.

627 Ripley St., "Grandview", c 1909 The Clara L. (Krause) & Louis P. Best House. Spanish Mission Revival style house, designed by Clausen & Clausen.

412 W. 6th St., "Overview," c 1902 The Julia (Tritchler) & August E. Steffen Jr. House. A very large and finely detailed Georgian Colonial Revival style house. Architects Clausen & Burrows.

615 Ripley St., "The Castle," c 1909 The Johanna (Wessel) & Henry C. Struck House. Early 20th century Exotic Revival movement. Clausen & Clausen design reminiscent of German castle.

321 W. 6th St., c 1885 The Julia (Tritchler) & Henry Frahm House. Second Empire style with mansard roof and decorative cornice.

712-714 Western Ave., "Westwin," c 1860 The Sarah C. (Earle) & Daniel Gould House. Italianate and Greek Revival styles.

911 W. 7th St., c 1886 The Elsabe (Hass) & Hans Stoltenberg House. Large example of a simplified Italianate style.

604 Gaines St., c 1893 The Emma D. (Schmidt) & Henning J. Witt House. An excellent example of Queen Anne style.

703 Ripley St., c 1896 The Struck-Herzog House. Queen Anne Free Classic style. Designed with dual corner towers and gables.

532 W. 8th St., c 1895 The Johanna F. (Petersen) & Carl H. W. Luetje House. Queen Anne style.

633 Ripley St., c 1901 The Clara (Heuer) & Louis Naeckel House. Queen Anne Free Classic style.

  • Mission Statement

    We, as the Gold Coast & Hamburg Historic District Association, are dedicated to preserving the built heritage of Davenport's First Neighborhood. Additionally, we collect its histories providing context and understanding of the great importance of this district. Because all great neighborhoods are made up of people, families, and friends, we organize and sponsor events to bring people together, support the association, and become a more powerful voice within the community.

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    2022 Gold Coast tour of Homes

    September 17th and 18th, 2022, more details coming soon:... More »

    4/9/2022 -The Gold Coast Park cleanup over the weekend went great.

    We had a beautiful day and a great turnout of neighbors to help. We got all the bushes around the gazebo trimmed and raked out the leaves and trash. Thanks to Jeremy Keninger and Craig Canfield for hauling mulch, and the volunteers who helped spread it. Thanks to Terry...... More »

    2022 – Hamburg Historic District home tour is coming back this September. Keep watching for more details!!!

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    1st GENERAL MEETING of 2019 February 9, 2019 3:30pm Home of Jack & Marion 624-West 6th

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