2016 Gold Coast Home Tour

Awesome Clausen! The 2016 Gold Coast-Hamburg Historic District Home Tour

Clausen made his home in the Gold Coast. He designed both the residences and work places of his neighbors. The 2016 tour includes five Clausen-related buildings, including the architect’s residence, three homes and an apartment building. The structures were built between 1870 and 1906; the variety of styles and materials reflect both Clausen’s skill as a master of his craft and Davenport’s architectural tastes of the period. Several are newly restored and some have never been open to the public.

The Hamburg Historic District was listed in the National Register in the 1980s. It was home to many successful German immigrant families who helped fuel the economic might of 19th century Davenport. By the 1930s, many of the large homes had been divided into rental properties; the area entered a long decline. In the 1980s, people began moving back into the neighborhood, restoring the buildings and returning many to single family homes.

Dates: Saturday, September 17, 10AM-4PM; Sunday, September 18, 12N-4PM.

Tickets: Adults $10.00; Children under 12 free when accompanied by an adult

Registration option with conference registration. Tickets will also be on sale at each tour home on tour days.

Homes on tour:

532 W. 7th Street- The Charles and Louise Beiderbecke House. (1881) Stick Style with Gothic Revival influences.

630 W. 6th Street- The F. G. and Joanna Clausen House. (c 1870) Vernacular Italianate/Greek Revival McClelland type house.

705-711 Gaines Street- The Best Apartments (1906) Craftsman style with Tudor influences.

712 W. 8th Street- The August and Fredrika Warnebold House. (1881) Italianate.

817 W. 7th Street- The Henry and Ottelie Koehler House. (1895) Queen Anne Free Style Classic.


Homes on Tour:

630 W. 6th St. The F. G. and Joanna Clausen House. In 187x, Clausen married Joanna Lischer, the daughter of Henry Lischer whose house at 630 W. 6th is acknowledged to be the architect’s first design built in the city. Fritz and Joanna lived next door until they moved in with Mr. Lischer next door in the 1890s. The F.G. Clausen house is a two-story brick McClelland-style home. A simple vernacular exterior conceals unusual interior features like a staircase that curves its entire length; many original details like original painted-grain woodwork are intact.

532 W. 7th St., The Charles and Louise Beiderbecke House.    Charles was a successful wholesale grocery and coal distributor. He and Louise were the grandparents of famed jazz cornetist “Bix” Beiderbecke. This is their second home in the neighborhood, built in the “Swiss” or Stick style. Architect Clausen is crediting with introducing the style to Davenport in. By the 1980s, the home was severely deteriorated. A series of owners have lovingly restored it. It now operates as the Beiderbecke Inn, a bed and breakfast.

Warnbold House. Clausen designed this house for August Warnbold and his family. While the brick exterior includes Gothic and xx elements, the interior is reminiscent of the Beiderbecke House, with similar generous proportions and spacious rooms. The house is currently undergoing restoration after.imilar to and lived on the property until

Koehler House. The Koehler House is an example of . The family were involved in the brewing business. Koehler lived next door to their married daughter and the house was sited to take advantage of fine Mississippi River views to the south. The delicate

The Best Townhouse Apartments, 1906. Few apartment buildings were ever constructed in this primarily single family home neighborhood. But in 1906, Davenport was growing rapidly, and the lack of “first class” housing was noted.  This apartment building was one of a handful built around the city between 1900 and 1910. Clausen and his firm designed a number of them. He built this one for his good friend, entrepreneur Louis Best. In the 1930s, the four townhouses were split in two to create eight apartments. The buildings is current under renovation to return them to their original footprint. A finished apartment as well as areas under construction will be on tour.