Kids Pass

Hello Neighbors,
Traditionally the “Gold Coast/ Hamburg Historic District Association” has made contributions to the city Kids Pass, a summer program that enables kids to have passes for swimming, museums, bus passes and other fun summer events. And the contributions we made have enabled many of the kids from Project Renewal to take advantage of the Kids Pass.

The GCHHDA purchases one pass for $50. Friends and neighbors can also purchase a pass(es) in the name of the GCHHDA. Also if someone would like to contribute but feels the $50 is a little steep, they can purchase a portion of a pass and the association will cover the rest of the pass. It’s a win-win!!

So if you’d like to be part of this please let PJ (563-326-2894) know by May 24 as the program starts the following week. Also you can pay for your pass – $50 per check made out to GCHHDA and pay either PJ or Dave Cordes.

This is such a worthwhile project and we hope you’ll consider adding your contribution!
PJ Slobojan
[email protected]